Building a custom home can be a very exciting and different experience. It will require a great deal more of your time, thought and personality simply because many of the decisions are made by you instead of the builder.

Complete Building Services will take your thoughts wants and desires for your new home and make it a reality. The great part of this is that it will not only bring you your dream home, it will also increase your construction knowledge by the time your new home is complete.

Where do we begin

First we must determine the home design and what it will cost to build. We will listen to how you want your new home designed, and look at any plans or information you may have. We can assist you with ideas and layouts so that your new home meets your expectations.

If you are interested in a home design from a book or magazine it is important that we cover any copyright cost based on the design.

Complete Building Services will put together a budget based on the lot, construction and soft costs (such as permits, fees, etc.). We will also review your building lot, verify any covenants, conditions, restrictions, design guidelines and required field visits, so that we can uncover any constraints associated with building the home on the lot.

If you have not selected a lot, let us know and we will assist you in potential lots in your desired area. If you should require assistance in finding a financial institution to help you with the cost of your custom home, let us know since we have several contacts to assist you.

Once we have established a timetable for completion, the design and what costs are involved, then we can begin the process of the beginning of your new custom home.

Please give us a call at (303) 663-4227 so we can come and discuss your vision of your new custom home.