Log Cabins

Complete Building Services experience and knowledge will make your custom log cabin dream come true. We are familiar with building and designing as well as being prepared to handle most obstacles that can arise from them.

Building a custom log cabin can be a very exciting venture. Especially since it will most certainly require a great deal more of your time, thought and personality to make it your own.

Where do we begin… The Lot

There are many things to consider when building a log cabin. Mostly because they tend to be in the forest. One of the first items to consider are any building restrictions (if any) there may be on your property. These restrictions can be mandated by the city, state or even federal government depending on the location of your lot. How easy is it to get to your property to build? For some, these will be a no n-issue for others it will be.

These and many other factors need to be considered when building your log cabin. If you have not selected a lot, let us know and we will assist you in finding a potential lot in your desired area.


Once we have reviewed the lot and log cabin design we now need to determine the cost it will take to build it. We will listen to how you want it designed, review any plans or information you may have, and we will offer ideas and layouts that we have used that could be helpful in building your log cabin.

If you are interested in a log cabin from a book or magazine it is important that we cover any copyright costs based on the design.

Other considerations will be to verify the stability of the property, what it will take to the clear the land and lay the foundation.

Complete Building Services will then put together a budget based on the property, construction and any soft costs (such as permits, fees, etc.). We will also review the lot as mentioned above so that we verify any covenants, conditions, restrictions, design guidelines and required field visits.

Once we have established a timetable for completion, the design and what costs are involved, then we can begin the process of the beginning to build your new custom log cabin.

Please give us a call  at (303) 663-4227 so we can come and discuss your vision of your property and log cabin.

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